Friday, March 25, 2011

Did someone say Spring?

We've had the official 1st day of Spring but when I look out the window it's still pretty much white. We had a snowstorm with school closings 2 days ago that brought several inches of new ground cover. Everywhere you go people are saying "enough already" but that doesn't seem to make it go away any quicker! At least we are safe from flooding in our area so I shouldn't complain.

Part of the reason I'm so anxious (aside from warm weather, sunshine, flowers, smiling people, etc...) is because I got my husband a pair of binoculars for Christmas to use for bird watching. Yes, I said bird watching - I know, we're getting old and boring! Last summer was the first summer in this house and we had so many birds that we'd never seen before that we started keeping a list. We're both ready to start our new list.

 The next best thing (in my mind anyway) is to create my own songbird. This little page is for a monthly bird journal challenge. This month's theme is "home sweet home".

Wishing you all a lovely weekend and may all your birds be singing (unless you're trying to take a nap)...


  1. Warmer weather and beautiful birds will be here before you know it, Renee. (At least that's what I keep telling myself. LOL!) This little guy is adorable! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  2. Beautiful journal page Renee - I can almost hear the little birdy singing!

    We must both be old and boring too as we love to watch the birdies - although they're just the usual common garden ones here. A hen blackbird has been building her nest on our back fence too - can hardly contain our excitement - lol (I'm serious though!) x

  3. spring? really? it spring? you can't tell that by my house. more snow coming this week for us. i can't take it anymore.
    LOVE your journal page!!

  4. Love the songbird & house!

    And hey, I have loved bird watching since I was a little girl! :) We set up nesting boxes and keep our feeders full. Have fun with it!!

    Thanks for your comments on my blog. :)


  5. Love the motif and texture and the soft painted colors. Today the birds sing so nice in sunshine, I'm happy and enjoy it so much after the long wintertime.
    Have a nice week,
    hugs Anja

  6. I was so excited to see your work in the latest Somerset...Great work. Hugs, Diane

  7. thanks everyone - you make me feel like I'm not an old fuddy duddy but just a middle aged dreamer (sounds so much better). Diane, so nice that you spotted my canvases in Somerset - thanks.


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